Vinschgerlen & Breatln

Tasty dark bread according to South Tyrolean tradition



    300ml lukewarm water
    100g sourdough
    150g wholemeal spelt flour
    350g wholemeal rye flour
    2g bread clover
    10g salt
    2g coriander, crushed
    3g fennel seeds
    2g caraway seeds


Mix the water with the sourdough

In a bowl, knead both flours, mixed sourdough, bread clover, salt, coriander, fennel seeds and caraway seeds into a dough and, covered with a cloth, leave to rise for 20 minutes at a maximum of 35°C.

Knead the dough again and form into loaves (Breatln) or two small loaves, put together in pairs (Vinschger Paarln). Dust with a little spelt flour, let rise again for about 20 minutes and bake in a preheated oven.

Baking temperature: 220°C, then 170°C

Baking time: 40 or 25 minutes

Recipe from the South Tyrolean cookbook "So kocht Südtirol" (Cooking in South Tyrol)

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