Lake Monticolo

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Lake Monticolo

Directly from the hotel, the Nr. 1 trail leads first through the forest, then through the vineyards via Colterenzio into the nature reserve to the two idyllic lakes of Monticolo. One way is approx. 6 km long. From the village of Monicolo you can also hike on to Lake Caldaro and from there take the bus back free of charge with the WinePass guest card.

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Three Castles Walk in Appiano

Castle Appiano, Castle Boymont e Castle Corba

Castle Appiano (Hocheppan)

On an historical hike at the castle triangle in Appiano you get an impression of "medieval South Tyrol". First you go from Castle Corba to Castle Appiano "Hocheppan", which is one of the most important fortified buildings in South Tyrol. After a visit to the "Sistine Chapel of the Alps" and food and drink in the medieval castle tavern, the hike continues over many stairs, first downhill and then uphill again to the Boymont Castle ruins. From the castle tower you have a fantastic view of the Oltradige, Bolzano and the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. From there the way goes back to Castle Corba.

Small tip: Don't miss archery! At Caslte Appiano you can rent a bow and arrow and do the 3D archery course. An experience for young and old.

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The Rastenbachklamm gorge

Waterfalls & Panoramic View

Rastenbach gorge

The Rastenbach gorge lies between Castelvecchio and Lake Caldaro. With its numerous waterfalls and natural pools, it is an impressive natural monument. Steep stairs lead past the rippling water to vantage points with a magnificent view of Lake Caldaro. The hike can be done from the lake of Caldaro or also from the St. Anton sports zone in Caldaro. Depending on the route, the walk takes about 2.5 hours.

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Rocky Men

A special place, a true place of power

Rocky Men

The Sarentino valley is rich in legends and myths. The hike to the rocky men called "Stoanerne Mandln" takes you back to a time when witches were still up to mischief. From the Sarner Ski Hut, the trail leads to the Auener hut and on to the Auener pass to the "Stoanerne Mandln" viewpoint. Here numerous small cairns pile up, all around a fabulous 360° view. According to a legend, an enraged witch who was up to mischief on the mountain once turned farmers into stone men. From the summit you can go down to the Möltener Kaser hut and back to the Auener pass.

Walking time approx. 3 to 3.5 hours.

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Summit Tour Corno Bianco

Quite easy summit tour with 360° view

From Oclini Pass first through grassy slopes, then mountain pine forest and finally a bit over rocks on the Corno Bianco. Return to Oclini Pass via the hut Gurndin and possibly also the Isi Hut.

Walking time 2-3.5 hours depending on the route

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Bullacia-Alpe di Siusi

The largest high alpine pasture in Europe

Alpe di Siusi

The starting point is Compaccio, which can be reached from Siusi with the Alpe di Siusi cable car. From there, simply follow the Bullacia circuit across alpine meadows to the Arnika hut and on to the witches' benches. Then it's on to the Bullacia mountain inn, where the mountain station of the Bullacia cable car is located. Just behind it is the "Engelrast" panoramic viewing platform with a magnificent view of the Dolomites. The descent to Compaccio via the bumpy path is then steep and short.

Round tour approx. 3 hours

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Aica di Fiè Farm Trail

Through meadows and chestnut groves below the Sciliar mountain


The starting point of the Aica di Fiè Farm Trail is the well-known Prösels Castle. The farm trail leads past old farms with fantastic views all the way to St.Caterina. To return, simply take trail no. 5 to the "Schnaggenkreuz" and continue to Prösels.

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Marlengo Waalweg path

Historic watercourses in the low mountain range

Waalweg Marlengo

With 12km the Marlengo Waalweg path is the longest of its kind in South Tyrol. The Waalweg begins in Lana and leads via the villages of Cermes, Marlengo and Forst to Tel. It may be possible to combine the hike with the Marlingo High Route as a circular tour.

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Himmelstour Corno Renon

Panoramic view of over forty 3000-metre peaks in the Alps

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Ultimo Farm Trail

Scenic and culturally attractive hike

Ultimo Valley

The Ultimo Farm Trail is particularly suitable for getting an impression of the rustic Ultimo Valley. It leads past old farms from Pracupola to Santa Geltrude. One way on the sunny side and back on the shady side of the valley. The tour is about 18 km long. It can be covered in one day's hike or in two partial stages.

Walking time: approx. 3 hours for one section (eventually back by bus)

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Circular hike under the Odle peaks

The most beautiful buildings in the world

Odle Group

Mighty and bizarrely jagged they stand on the horizon: the Odle peaks.

From the Zans car park in Funes, head up through the forest to the wide meadows of the Glatschalm. From there take the romantic Dolomite path "Adolf-Munkel" past the glowing walls of the Odle Group to the beautiful hut Geisler and via the hut Dusler back to the starting point.

Walking time approx. 3 hours

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